Automated Thermostate Brands: MESA offers service and installation knowledge of every major home thermostate brands, including White-Rodgers, Thrane, and Honeywell. These automated thermostats provide many different control technologies:

Smart Phone Control: With a smart phone, you can log into your thermostat, and make changes anytime your phone has data coverage. If you’re going to be away from the home on vacation, or on business, but forgot to turn the heat or AC off, now you can make the changes whenever you need to.

Computer and Remote Control: A remote control and computer are the most common forms of thermostat control. Without having to leave the comfort of your living room or bedroom, you can adjust the thermostat with a remote control. With the computer interface, you are capable of programming detailed customized schedules that fit your schedule.

Internet Control: The Internet control allows you to log into an online application to set your thermostat. This allows you to change the temperature of your house as you’re leaving work to be the perfect temperature when you get home.

If you believe that your current thermostat is inefficient, and want an upgrade to the newest automated thermostat technology, call MESA today! Just think about having complete control over the temperature in every zone of your home. Imagine controlling the living room, bedroom, and garage from your phone or computer. It will save you time, give you comfort, and overall save you money when you set a schedule for the thermostat to operate.

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